La Petite Crêperie

Cnr Little Collins and Swanston Sts

Even on a hot summers day in Melbourne, a crêpe never fails to warm the soul.


La Petite Crêperie, on the corner of Swanston St and Ltl Collins, is all French style; run by French people, French decor… and, of course, sells crêpes.  However, it is also quintessentially Melbourne; overtly decorated, inspired flavours, and quaintly nestled in a Swanston St news stand.


The ambiance is lovely.  Perched on the side of this busy street, people are grabbing crêpes as they move from A to B, and it gets much admiration from tourists.  A crêpe will set you back about $4 to $7, dependent on the decadence of the crêpe you choose.


The ‘J’ in Je t’aime was missing… they had no idea where it disappeared to! :)

Myself and my student Jaya collected a crêpe on the way to our lesson yesterday.  I devoured a salted caramel and flaked almond filling, deliciously folded into it’s perfectly thin, fresh crêpe.  Jaya chose Nutella and flaked almond, which highly favours chocolate over crêpe!  Yum!


La Petite Crêperie is a favoured recommendation in the heart of Melbourne.  You can take your crêpe across the road to the benches which line the Melbourne Town Hall, walk two block up the street to the lawns of the State Library, or simply enjoy your crêpe on the way to your next French food destination!

By Katerina Forrester

Monday – Thursday                    8 am – 10 pm

Friday                                               8 am – 11 pm

Saturday                                         10 am – 11 pm

Sunday                                             10 am – 10 pm

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